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Meditest, a higly dynamic company based in northern in Italy is successfully operating in the sanitary industry since 1994 on both domestic and international markets.

We focus on satisfying our new and existing customer with

maintenance and support serviceswhich are assured worldwide for the items here below:

  • flexible endoscopes
  • rigid endoscopes
  • video-cameras and light sources
  • air powered surgical instruments, electrical and mechanical (reamers, saws, drill/reamers etc)

saleof innovative and technically advanced instruments such as:

  • flexible and rigid refurbished endoscopes of all major trademarks (Pentax, Olympus, Machida, 3m, Vision Sciences, Storz,etc) duly controlled, refurbished and rigorously tested and guaranteed;
  • Meditest branded rigid endoscopes and microendoscopes are furthermore manufactured in Germany by a specialized laboratory, produced and tailored to specific customer requirement.
    They comply with the growing demand for products offering the same optical quality and mechanical performance of more expensive famous brands at a better quality/price ratio;
  • endoscope equipment: grippers, leak test kits, cleaning kits, etc;